You know the exotic cat?

This pussycat is the result of the intersection with a series of different races. Hence any color is accepted; It is a pet attached, which claim the attention of its owner not only to be with him but to play with it.

It sounds strange that a race of feline ‘exotic cat’ no more is called. Usually, cats have a name added related to the place they come from, but this cat is so beautiful that it needs no further description. Still, you do not know? Well, do not go because we will tell you everything we know about it.

Everything about the exotic cat


The unusual cat is a hybrid American Shorthair and British Shorthair with Persian cats, so your choice is served, both fur and colors and shapes. To reach this wonderful breed, which became very popular in recent years, outcrosses were also carried with Russian blue cat and Burmese.

If anything highlights these cats is for their short legs and short hair and thick, but very soft, like the Persians. Many say that this race has taken the best of breeds from which it was ‘created.’ The colors of their coats may be white, black, blue, red, cream: gold, chocolate, lilac, silver, brindle, bicolor, and Himalayan calico. Even if I submit a different tone but had all the physical features of the exotic cat, this color could be accepted.

His head is around and stable, and very athletic body and round. Usually, about 30 centimeters in height and weigh between 3.5 and 6 kilos. Its tail is short, unlike the Persians, who have long, narrow, and hairy. The low wear and its tip are rounded.

Character and personality

The exotic cat is very quiet, although a bit more active than the Persians. Very playful and affectionate, it is ideal to be with children and other pets. It’s very familiar. He loves to give and receive love, cuddles, and affection.

Not lonely or has a character independent as marked as other cats, so it always will please your company or any other family member. Therefore, this is not a cat that can be left alone for long.

It is a balanced patient and calm, cat in his actions and movements, a fellow ideal life that will always be there for you. Of course, you also have to be for him, because it will be a pet that will claim your attention and will not settle for being at your side, but you ‘ll need to play and create unforgettable moments with you.

A feature that pleases many of this cat, especially those living in neighboring communities, is that no meows. It is not that dumb or anything, but I just usually not.

Despite being quiet and sedate, yes intensely present a peculiarity of cats: curiosity. These cats are more curious than usual, so fun if you watch your adventure is assured.

Health care and exotic cat

The highlight of his health is that because of its flat face is prone to excessive tearing and staining near the eyes. Breathing becomes sometimes agitated because it can be narrowing in the nostrils. You can also suffer from oily seborrhea, dental malocclusion, ringworm, or PKD.

Although his hair has softness and luxuriance of the Persians, this does not need much care because it is short. Still, daily brushing is recommended to remove dead hairs. Clean the eyes daily; it will also be necessary because of their tendency to tearing.

And remember, the exotic cat is a cat that needs exercise and moves by being active and, therefore, is essential to your health. Otherwise, nothing to consider, rather than caring for your pet, give him all the love and care you need, down and enjoying with their antics!

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