Toyger cat, a tiger in miniature

This cat is the result of crossing copies of Bengali common shorthair cats but also mixed with others like a street in India.

Think of a pussycat with a look and walk like a tiger, but the size of a domestic cat with a loving and playful character. This is the Toyger cat, an animal which, as its name suggests, is like a Panthera tigris but toy.

A small tiger tamer

When the great French writer Victor Hugo said that that “God created the cat to give man the pleasure of caressing the tiger,” surely was not thinking of making crosses of races to reach his phrase most literal possible.

What if it was beyond Judy Sugden? He was the nurturer. In the early 80s of the last century in California (USA), he began to design a pussycat that had the features of tigers but to stop being a pet.

So it was that he began crossing copies of Bengali common cats Shorthaired to present a mackerel tabby. This pattern is characterized by streaks or bands that are distributed throughout the body and that the flanks descend from the backbone to the abdomen.

Then he was looking for more features that will bring the Toyger tigers. For this, he used, among others, a stray cat India. Today, the race continues developing, and breeders seek to reproduce the pattern and colors of Panthera tigris with increasing precision.

But also working to ensure that the body is bigger, wider nose, eyes and smaller ears, pads of the most pronounced mustache and jawline more robust.

If you want to have a little tiger in your home, but affectionate and playful cat Toyger is presented as the ideal choice.

Physical characteristics Toyger cat

Black or brown stripes Toyger cat has a unique pattern for each copy. They can be broken, and even a very thick branch.

Other physical features of this elegant mini are :

  • Medium size.
  • Body: Long, muscular, and strong.
  • Neck: Long and muscular.
  • Head: oval, medium size.
  • Eyes: medium, round, well separated from one another, and a colored deep.
  • Ears: small and rounded.
  • Muzzle: Long with good muscular contour. And heart-shaped inverted.
  • Nose: broad, long, and muscular.
  • Tips: medium-length and long fingers.
  • Tail: long but not thick.
  • Coat: bright, short, and uniform. It is usually longer in the neck and forming a necklace. The background color is orange on the outer and upperparts and whitish on the lower and inner parts.

A cuddly and playful pussycat

Although active and playful, these affectionate cats are great to live in a house or apartment. And it often entertained inspecting every corner of the home, seeking new forms of fun or looking out the window to the outside world.

Curiosity and intelligence also define the Toyger cat. On the other hand, is an extrovert and friendly animal who like contact with people. Also, it gets along well with other pets.

Also,  it is easy to train pussycat. So you can, for example, teach him to walk on a leash. You see, Tiger just seems to have the look and cadence of gait.

Race care required

With a life expectancy of between 10 and 15 years, the Toyger is a strong and healthy cat. So far, no specific pathologies of the race are known.

However, as with any pet, you must ensure adequate and quality food, and regularly take to the vet for routine checks, vaccinations, and deworming.

In addition, we recommend a weekly brushing to keep in good condition its beautiful coat. You should not forget the regular cut their nails.

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