The language of cats tail

Thanks to this form of expression, feline reveal what they feel, which is vital for the owners, especially face to avoid possible aggression.

Felines are very expressive animals, not only your body but also through sounds. If you pay attention to the language of the tail of cats, you’ll know how it feels animal and acts accordingly. You more in this article.

What expresses the language of the tail of cats?

Cats tail can be different sizes and shapes -Long like a Siamese or spongy like angora – and use it to express their moods and emotions. It is imperative to identify which wants to tell us when our pet moves in a specific way:

1. Vertical raised Cola

When you are walking around the house, the garden or patio, and carries its tail upright but relaxed position and pointing to the sky, or the ceiling means you are safe and happy. You can also leave the bent tip and is another indication that it is having a great.

2. A tail curved as the question mark

Half of the tail has formed a curve, and if you pay attention, it looks like a question mark. Know that means? Is inviting you to play around with it, leave aside your activities-anything you’re doing- and pay attention. This position indicates a playful attitude … you are looking for fun!

3. High and vibrant Cola

The language of cats tail can be difficult to interpret in some cases. For example, if you lift the tail and moves in vibration can be for two reasons. The first is that he is happy to see us and is in a relaxed attitude.

But the second is more ‘dangerous’ as it also adopts the pose before urinating some object or place to mark their territory.

4. Whips sideways

Suppose you’re playing with him or making him cuddles and suddenly see that wags its tail to the side, with small strokes with the tip. That indicates he does not want to play more, you are getting uncomfortable, or you’re playing some ‘forbidden part’ of your body … which are usually more than you think!

It is likely that if you continue with your attitude cat chooses to ’embrace’ your hand or arm with its front and hind legs and bite you, first lightly and then harder. Therefore, if you see that makes this movement with its tail, we recommend that you stop the game.

5. Tail the ground

When the animal is on alert position with the tail resting on the floor and jabbing with the tip every so often, it means you are irritated or even thoughtful undecided. If the motion is slightly rough, it is because you are angry and can attack or flee.

6. Low Cola

Be very careful if your cat has a tail rigid and low position because it is a clear sign of aggression. It is a terrible mood, and you ‘d better not bother him for the world.

7. Cola rolled

Perhaps you’ve ever seen your cat sitting with his tail stuck to his body while sleeping or thrown into the sun. He wants to say that he is delighted and relaxed!

8. Tail between legs

It is a stance, either submission or fear. The hidden tail can also mean that there is something that is getting nervous.

9. Tail sways

When the cat’s tail moves slightly to the sides or in different positions means that they are very focused on an object or something that has caught his attention: from a toy to a bird; also an insect or brightness entering the window.

Finally, if your cattail curls over another animal, such as a dog, it’s a way of showing affection, as if he were embracing. He wants to say they are friends!

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