Looking for a cat sitter at your home or cat hotel?

A cat sitter at home! The ideal Cat Sitter service for when you are away from home for more than a day.  Blog with cat care tips introduces you to cat guardians across the Netherlands who like your cat to give the necessary attention and care. Always a cat sitter nearby! Never again to a stressful cat boarding house or cat hotel! But a cat sitter from the neighborhood who comes home. 

A cat can become stressed from the smallest changes, just imagine what a cattery or cat hotel does to them. A cat guardian at home comes to the house to cuddle and take care of the cat. In this way, the cat can stay in his familiar and homely environment. A babysitter comes home once or possibly twice a day to give the cat the well-deserved attention and love. In addition, a cat-sitter will provide the cat(s) with fresh drinking water, food, a clean litter box and if necessary administer the necessary medication.

Quickly found cat sitter for home

At special sites, you can easily find a cat sitter at home or cat shelter that offers the appropriate cat sitter service. By searching by postcode or city you can find an easy cat sitter or hotel in the area. Use the extensive search filters and find the perfect cat sitter at home or cat board for your cat (s). Haven’t you found a cat sitter in your area yet? Place a free call for your cat. Cat sitters in your area will receive a message and will respond to your call.

We always advise you to get acquainted with the babysitter in advance. If you are in agreement, you can give the babysitter instructions. Think about exchanging contact details, the contact details of the vet and the feeding schedule of the cat. Arrangements about payments are always made together with the cat sitter.

Discuss the cat-sitter intake form and cat-sitter key contract during an intake interview to avoid surprises during the babysitting period.

Besides taking care of your cat, a cat sitter can also water the plants, empty the mailbox or do other small jobs in the house. Also, rodents, fish or other pets can be taken care of.

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