Havana cat, brown like snuff and coffee

Although its name might indicate that their place of origin is Cuban, the truth is that this cat is a ‘mix’ of various races;

 He likes to play and the same, which will not hesitate to sue if he is not given the attention it requires.

Elegance, green eyes, and a short, smooth coat reddish-brown are the hallmarks of Cat Havana. But not alone. It is an intelligent, loving, and kind who loves to play with human family members Pussycat.

An English name but with a Caribbean origin

The name of the breed can be misleading because these animals have originated in England, and phlegmatic is not the Caribbean island of Cuba. But that was christened because its color resembled the mythical Habanos in that country.

While refers not only to snuff mahogany coat this Pussycat, also reminds the chocolate and coffee. In any case, this is a beautiful animal result from a cross by English breeders in the middle of the last century.

To give Havana the cat, feline copies chocolate pointed Siamese seal point and were used common short-haired black and blue Russians. The race soon gained recognition in the UK and across the Atlantic to the US

Today, the breed standards differ between the English and Americans. The first favor a more oriental look for this Pussycat. The latter prefer more features related to the Russian blue cat.

Meet the cat Havana, a race that stands out for its color, reminiscent of chocolate, snuff, or coffee. And also for his curiosity, his intelligence, and his desire to play.

Cat physical characteristics Havana

Apart from its typical colored chocolate, a race also supports lilac. Other features Cat Havana are :

  • Body: muscular and flexible.
  • Medium size.
  • Weight: between 2.5 and 5 kg; Males are larger than females.
  • Head: longer than wide (wedge-shaped) and a well-developed chin and rather square.
  • Eyes: oval, separated from each other, bright and intelligent and mischievous look.
  • Ears: large, wide base and triangular in shape, but rounded at the tip. They are erect, separated from each other, and leaning forward as if they were always alert. Inside they are pink.
  • Nose: Short and angulated.
  • Neck: muscular, long, and cylindrical.
  • Legs: Strong and elongated. Subsequent are of greater length than before.
  • Tail: long and cylindrical; It is tapering towards the tip.
  • Coat: short, dense, and bright.

A Pussycat cuddly, active and intelligent

Curious, sociable, and playful, cat Havana wants to get attention, and many pampering lavished him. And if you do not, you’ll see how you learn.

It is an animal that adapts to different situations without difficulty. And, despite being a very active pussycat, you can live quietly in a house.

Extroverted and confident, it is a cat who chooses to stick in particular to one of the human members of the family. Will you be the lucky guy?

Caring for a cat Havana

Havana cat is usually a healthy and strong animal, with a life expectancy of between 10 and 15 years. Anyway, you can be afflicted by:

  • Cooldowns (you have to keep him away from the cold and excessive moisture).
  • Lung or breathing problems.
  • Internal parasites.

In any case, regular consultation with the vet, along with the timetable of vaccination and proper deworming, is imposed for the good health of every pet.

Moreover, weekly brushing is enough to keep her in good condition and high brightness short hair. It is also necessary that the Pussycat exercise daily also to keep your muscles in shape, take the opportunity to do what he likes so much: play.

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