Everything about the Maine Coon: a giant cat

The Maine Coon, the result of a cross between wild and domestic cats, retains a large predatory instinct, so it is particularly suitable for those who want to have it in the field, where they can chase and catch mice.

Originally from the US, although the French past, this feline breed is known for its size: it is the largest among domestic cats. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Maine Coon.

Maine Coon History

According to legend, when Marie Antoinette wants to escape from France, embarks course to the United States accompanied by her six cats angora. The queen did not get their goal, but their pets, which arrived in the town of Wiscasset, Maine. There we have the reason for his first name.

The second word which has been dubbed the race, it is said, has to do with one of the cabin boys who were on the boat, Tom Coon, who was commissioned to look after them during the trip. Another version says ‘coon’ is a mixture of ‘cat’ and ‘raccoon’ (cat and raccoon ), the size of the feline.

The truth is that those cats that had been raised by the French monarchy met with -domesticos native and savages in the forests of the northeastern United States. That was how did this race, which was the first to receive an award for beauty in an exhibition of 1860.

Maine Coon: Features

The main feature of this breed is its size: it is the largest cat there. His body is very robust and is covered by a thick layer of long hair. Maine coon head is of medium length. Its snout is the square and slightly concave nose.

Both ears and eyes are very striking in this race. The first is elongated and pointed ends, with a slight opening to the side and with hairs as wicks. As the eyes are very expressive, somewhat slanted sideways and can be of various colors.

Also, it has legs and big feet, with long hair and a wide tail that tapers toward the tip. As for the coat, the color par excellence is the brown and white tabby, but can also be born with gray, red, and orange tones.

Maine Coon: temperament

The character of this breed is the result of its origins: half domestic, half-wild. Fierceness and tenderness combine perfectly in the Maine Coon. It is very elegant in his movements cat, has a sweet look, is peaceful, playful, friendly, sympathetic, and funny.

It has a great instinct predator, so it is chosen to fields and barns, where you can hunt down and capture rodents without problems. In addition, because of its size, it requires some space to exercise and move.

The Maine Coon is very sociable and calm needs to live with people who do not encroach. While it is an independent breed, it is likely to approach his family to greet her on certain occasions or times of the day.

Maine Coon: feeding and care

It is a breed that tends to eat a lot and, if not, pay attention to that aspect. You can suffer overweight. Consultation with the vet to find out what the proper ration each day and the right type of feed. Avoid those formulas that are high in fat.

Maine Coon can exceed the 11 kilos of weight after four years and will be fundamental to perform dynamic exercise or games to prevent weight gain.

This is a cat enjoying fairly good health and requires minimal care. Because of the number and length of your hair, yes, we recommend brushing at least three times a week. It only takes five minutes each time to remove dead strands and leave the shiny fur and even more silky.

If you are thinking of adopting a Maine Coon note that requires a lot of space and that while enjoying the solitude, you can not let too many hours at home unaccompanied.

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