Donskoy cat: bald, affectionate and intelligent

Characterized by wrinkles, this feline relates very well with all members of a family, regardless of age, and even with strangers or other pets.

Hairless, or with an imperceptible layer of fur. Hypnotic look. With very deep wrinkles. And very intelligent, affectionate, and playful. These are some of the features Donskoy cat a pussycat of Russian origin.

A pussycat of Russian origin

Originally named Don Sphynx, the first cat with these characteristics are found in Russia, in 1987, in Rostov. Don was called by the river that crosses the city and bald Sphynx cat by Canadian – born.

However, after it was discovered that the lack of coat of this Pussycat is due to mutation of a dominant gene character, and in the case of the Sphinx, it is a recessive gene.

The race was spreading throughout the country and was later recognized by the major cat associations. So did the World Cat Federation (WCF) in 1997 and The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2005.

Meet the Donskoy cat, a bald, intelligent, and loving pussycat who does not like being left alone.

Physical characteristics Donskoy cat

While many of the copies of these beautiful kittens are totally hair, which highlights its characteristic wrinkled skin as suede, there are also other variants of Donskoy. However, the coat, straight or curly, does not exceed 3 millimeters. In many cases, the hair coat in cold weather appears and disappears in the warmer months.

The skin is very elastic and is marked wrinkles, particularly on the cheeks, jowls and under the chin. But they are also found in the base of the neck and tail, on the front and bottom of the legs, the body sides to the bottom and groin area and breasts.

With a life expectancy of between 10 and 15 years, other physical characteristics of this beautiful cat are:

  • Size: Medium (males tend to be larger)
  • Weight: Between 3.5 and s7 kilograms
  • Appearance: muscular, broad chest and strong bones
  • Assorted colors
  • Tail: Long, with the rounded tip
  • Legs: developed and thin, with good long fingers and thumbs that bend inward
  • Belly: rounding (fat accumulates in the winter)
  • Ears: large triangular, somewhat inclined forward; the base is a wide and rounded end
  • Front: flat
  • Barbilla: strong, marks its Egyptian style
  • Eyes: expressive, almond-shaped

So is the character of this cat

Those interested in sharing your life and home with a cat Donskoy should know they will find a pet with a lot of energy, very affectionate, and loves to play. So it is very common for this Pussycat:

  • skip
  • chase balls and other objects
  • is up and lie in different furniture

It is a cat who relates well with all members of the human family, have their age. Even generally accepted without problems to strangers. And no problems when sharing space and time with other household pets, and to adapt to different situations.

Smart, inquisitive, and friendly, Donskoy is also noted for his intelligence and balanced personality. His meows are soft and flattering. And, like any self – respecting Pussycat, it is very curious.

Of course, they do not like anything being left alone. So if all family members work, or should remain long outside the home, it is best to let other pet – preferably a cat to keep you company.

Race care required

Donskoy cat fur closely resembles humans. In addition to sweating, tans, or burns if you stay too long in the sun. Also, for his lack of hair, this animal suffers much cold. Therefore, as all bald yet Pussycat, it is ideal for keeping it inside the house, away from inclement weather.

In addition, due to excess fat removed from your pores, you have to bathe more frequently with products that suit your skin. The vet will know what point you ‘re best suited.

Also, ask your vet to advise on proper nutrition since they often need more calories than other races to maintain their optimum body temperature. And do not forget to clean your ears to keep them free of wax.

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