Dog Food Vending Machines: Which to Choose?

What are the characteristics to consider when choosing the best automatic dog feeder? Let’s see which model to choose the best automatic dog feeder.


For the owner who is often away from home, the best tool to ensure that their dog always has enough food is the automatic dog feeder.

Also called a ‘pet feeder’, the automatic dog food dispenser is an automated device that supplies the pet with portions of dry food such as kibble. Very similar to the cat food dispenser, the dog food dispenser is spreading more and more among the habits of the owners, for the absolute functionality it provides in the needs of the animal when alone, although the versatility of the tool is such that many owners rely on it for the daily dispensing of the animal even if present, given the precision of the doses that the dispenser provides.

Nutrition is a very important element in a dog’s life and health and is reflected as much in the quality of the food as it is in the quantity. A quality automatic dog feeder offers the possibility of always guaranteeing the optimal portion of food that the dog must take, according to subjective factors such as sex, weight, age, and his habits.


Technology and innovation have made it possible to guarantee the pet the daily food routine even in the absence of the owner, thanks to the dog dry food dispenser. Automatic dog feeders are mainly divided into two types.

The electric feeders deliver portions of food according to a specific setting of the built-in timer. Non-electric dispensers, on the other hand, take advantage of gravity, so that the bowl can automatically fill up again when the dog empties it.

The mechanical feeder, of course, does not require energy consumption, therefore the use of electric cables or batteries.

On the other hand, the technology used in electric automatic dispensers allows for the optimization of meal delivery through numerous possible functions, including the timer, programming the number of meals, etc., depending on the model.

Among the factors to consider when choosing an automatic dog feeder, the capacity of the dispenser is the most important. Some electric models offer the possibility to select the number of meals and the quantity to be delivered. It is essential to choose the automatic feeder according to the needs of your dog so that the device can provide the best food for the animal.

The models of automatic croquettes’ dispensers on the market offer different performances depending on the technologies used and the quality of the materials. Below is a selection of the five best dog food distributors, so that even in the absence of the owner, the four-legged friend can have the right daily requirement.

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