Cornish Rex cat hair wavy

This cat from England has a slender appearance because of its light and thin skeleton; Now, it is strong and stands as a great climber and jumper.

Would you choose a pet shorthaired cat totally wavy and with a body that resembles a greyhound? It seems tempting to offer. To this, we must add that it is a more loving and lively pussycat, so I’m sure you’ll forgive a tendency to want to manipulate you with their meows and other sounds emitted. Meet the cornish rex.

How this particular breed originated tuna

The race came by a natural genetic mutation that occurred in 1950. In a litter of 5 pups, the result of crossing two common shorthair cats, one of the puppies born with curls. Pussycat was named Killibunker.

The event took place in the county of Cornwall ( England), hence the name of the race. Meanwhile, rex comes from a type of rabbit presenting a pel AJE like.

Ten years later, the original cornish rex was crossed with Siamese cats. And they acquired the stylized look that possesses today, reminiscent of greyhounds. To have the same shape of the abdomen that these dogs.

A cat curls up in mustaches

The slender figure of cornish rex skeleton due to a thin and light. However, it is an animal strong and muscles are well developed, but has his back arched.

But what often draws attention is your hair short, wavy, dense, and silky that will cover all the body, including the tail. They are also curly mustaches and eyebrows.

Also, they seem heavier than they really are since the balance is between 2.5 and 4.5 kilos. Other physical characteristics of the breed are:

  • T – fixing medium.
  • Page that supports all varieties of stains and colors.
  • Feet long, straight, and thin.
  • Head triangular and elongated.
  • Long, straight nose, giving it a Roman profile.
  • O bars m to s great that l lost cats, carried high and with rounded tips, which appear to be on constant alert.
  • O tore red and inclined, oval, very bright, and color similar to that of lp Elle.
  • Cola long thin tip ends.

Cornish rex, an affectionate cat and manipulative

More affectionate than most domestic cats, cornish rex is sociable and cheerful and adapts to different circumstances. And while you are comfortable and happy in quiet places, it is also a great climber and jumps very high due to their physique.

It’s a pussycat who likes to stay at home surrounded by his human and who enjoys playing both children as well as adults. However, it must be properly socialized and trained from childhood to avoid wanting to show you are the owner of the house.

Intelligence is another of his qualities, like its independent behavior, if you live with other pets, most likely to become the leader.

Also, it is characterized by a wide range of vocalizations. It emits different types of meows, and other particular noises can become annoying if you do not you put a stop in a timely manner. Note that a cat will be noted.

Race care required

With a life expectancy of 15 years, cornish rex is a cat healthy and strong, so you should only take care of routine veterinary visits and meet the immunization schedule. Nor should you forget deworming.

But keep in mind that the lack of hair care may suffer some cold, especially in its early years. And, of course, you have to give adequate food according to the requirements of each stage. He considers that, although not enough, in adulthood has a tendency to obesity.

Moreover, this original Pussycat is very easy to care for. In addition to having short hair, hardly you drop, so a weekly brushing will suffice. And if this were not enough, it has a little amount of protein causing allergy.

But, as nothing is perfect, the fur can be a bit greasy. If you rub it with a glove flannel, you will get more shine. However, it is accustom to bathe since childhood, with a specific product that the vet knows to tell you.

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