Cat Minuet, a stuffed short legs

This is a feline result of a cross between Persians and Munchkins; he is active, playful, curious, and attached to his human family.

With a sweet expression and a rounded face doll cat, Persian Minuet stands out for its features and short legs. But they are also characterized by being extremely cuddly and adoring home life. We tell all the details of this recent race.

A cross between Persians with Munchkins

The creator of these pussycats, Joe Smith, seems to have an obsession with short limbs. He had previously been a breeder of a dog basset hound. But when in 1995 he saw in the newspaper photo of a Munchkin, he was happy because finally, dwarfism manifested itself in the Latino world.

He soon discovered that, unlike dogs, the gene for short legs is not as dominant in cats. I was then put hands to work to design an F Elis catus that meets your expectations.

Thus he was born the cat Minuet, originally calling Napoléon. The result of the combination of the Munchkin and Persian breeds inherited traits and the tiny first ends of the second. And the man insists on creating these exemplary designs called, regardless of the play, deliberately conditions such as achondroplasia.

And no doubt that the resulting kittens are precious. But the question many we ask is whether having so many homeless pets must be set to ‘make’ new races and overexposing animals to suffer potential health problems because, in this case, his short legs.

However, nature prevails, and not all Minuet are dwarfs. Yes, they have unique characteristics that distinguish them from other races, and above all, the mongrel cat. And there are also different colors and different lengths of coat.

Minuet cat has short legs and a stuffed appearance. It is the result of crossing the Persian Pussycats race and Munchkin.

Cat physical characteristics Minuet

In addition to being short, it is clear that the legs back this mining is longer than the front. And all four limbs are muscular and have rounded and medium-sized claws.

Other features of former Napoleon are :

  • Medium size
  • Weight: between four and five kilos males, and between two and three kilos females
  • Body: rounded, muscular and strong
  • Neck: short and strong
  • Head: round, medium, and firm with short snout chin
  • Eyes: large round
  • Nose: Short and wide
  • Ears: Small, with a wide base and rounded tips
  • TAIL: proportional to body size and raised when the cat is moving (reminiscent of a squirrel )
  • Coat: thick, soft, silky and shiny, both in short and long version

A cuddly and balanced mining

Loving, friendly, and relaxed, the cat Minuet fits both houses as apartments. Also, it is ideal to live with young children as it is very docile, patient, balanced, and tolerant.

However, despite gets along well with other pets. It is not advisable to live with cats or dogs aggressive or jealous. And their little legs put you at a disadvantage if they must defend against an attack.

Active and playful, as well Pussycat is curious and loves heights as much as cuddles and spend hours in the company of humans. It is clear that it is not a good idea to leave too much time alone, a factor to consider for those who decide to have a cat of this breed.

Care needed by the Minuet

In the short-haired variety Minuet, weekly brushing care enough to keep its coat. This routine should be raised to two or three times a week in the case of long hair specimens.

Moreover, you should be given a quality food, to ensure that your bones stay strong. Thus, his short legs better withstand the task of supporting the rest of your body.

Also, as with all Pussycat, they impose periodic visits to the vet and vaccinated and deworming as indicated by the professional. Also, it is important to make sure your little legs will not be causing any inconvenience health.

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