Cat Khao Manee, one eye of each color

This feline white fur always seeks human companionship -never must be just- and likes cuddles, playing, and children.

Surely the Kaho Manee did not go unnoticed. It is a beautiful cat, white fur, and a bright look that emerges from a blue eye and one green or yellow. Originating in Thailand -and still little known in the West is a mischievous and clever pussycat who adores humans.

Meet this true ‘white jewel.’

Its name means white gem, but it is also known as diamond eyes, white jewel, or real cat of Siam. Everything indicates that this beautiful cat was one of the favorites in the Thai royal palaces.

It was believed that these animals were attracting good luck and happiness. There are references of its existence already in the Tamra Maew, a collection of poems about cats dating back to 1350.

While other races originated in this region of the world, such as Siamese, Burmese, and Korat- more or less long transcended borders,  and in 1999, it reached US Khao Manee; thus, this beautiful pussycat became known in the Western world.

Meet the Khao Manee, a true white jewel of Thai origin of fur and bright eyes. It is Meows, affectionate, and intelligent. But stresses, especially because most of the specimens have one blue eye and one green or yellow.

Physical appearance Khao Manee

While ideally, the Khao Manee has an eye blue and the other yellow or green, there are some individuals who have both eyes of the same color. And this does not detract from its exoticism and beauty. Moreover, they are oval and somewhat oblique.

Other physical characteristics of this beautiful cat are :

  • Medium size
  • Weight: between three and six kilograms
  • Body: agile and muscular
  • Coat: short, soft, dense and bright
  • Legs: sturdy, long and flexible
  • Head with a heart-shaped face and high cheekbones
  • Ears: well-spaced, wide base with rounded tips and erect, giving it an appearance alert
  • Nose: Straight and small
  • Tail: wide at the base and long

A Cat Meows and attached to their owners

Khao Manee is a Meows par excellence. Everything you need to let your own will through the sounds it emits. This is a factor to consider if you are thinking of having a cat of this breed.

If you love the silence, refrain from acquiring a pussycat of these features. After not regret it. And also, he considers that an animal is listed high in the pet market.

Extroverted, vivacious, and very docile, it is a feline seeking permanent contact with humans. She loves cuddles, games, and children. And, of course, can not stand being alone. This is another issue you should consider whether you intend to incorporate a Khao Manee into your life.

Race care required

While there is a relationship between the white fur and blue eyes with deafness, not all cats with these characteristics have that problem. Anyway, some Khao Manee are deaf. But the good news is that the number of individuals with this problem is diminishing in new litters.

In any case, I am consulting the vet to find out if your pussycat has some degree of hearing loss and if so, you indicate how to handle this issue before.

Moreover, meets schedule vaccination and deworming, give quality food and according to their characteristics, and brush him a couple of times a week. So your white gem shines in all its glory.

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