Are there breeds of cats smarter?

While there are some studies that seek to determine the degree of intellect, it is true that the results shed are not entirely clear; yes, thanks to these strengths can be determined such as social skills feline.

Some cat lovers have clear preferences when choosing your pet. The size and color of eyes not only influence when bringing a new cat home: apparently, some believe that there are breeds of cats smarter than others. Are we talking about a mere opinion, or there is any data contrasted behind?

Ways to determine the intelligence of a cat

In general, they have not done too many studies to determine the extent of the intelligence of cats, regardless of race. In 2009, a study would determine whether they were able to count different objects.

To the surprise of many, it was discovered that cats were not particularly brilliant in this area. Dogs, for example, seemed to do much better. Another study would focus on the ability of cats to solve puzzles.

It was observed that faced with difficulty, while dogs were asking for help to his master, cats still trying. Despite the various reactions received, none of these studies offered conclusive results.

However, because these studies have been able to define the different strengths that we must consider when determining whether our cat is more or less intelligent. We can focus, for example, in:

  • Social skills of your pet. The level of socialization of cats is different from dogs. While dogs are shown extroverted and open to people, cats tend to shy away from human contact. Dependence of human beings that show dogs are not seen in cats because they do not need us to survive in nature. This does not mean a more sociable cat is less intelligent, but it shows that you have sufficient resources to fend for himself.
  • Cats and dogs use memory to shape their daily routines. They know at what time are you going to feed, where, and how. Are small and unexpected changes in their routines, which can further alter how they perceive their environment. Observe how they react to these changes and how long it takes to incorporate them into your routine.
  • Memory is closely related to their learning ability. Cats, as proud and independent animals that are not usually want to satisfy every whim of their owners and learn everything you order them. Therefore, it may seem that your cat is not smart simply because it ignores all your attempts to train him. Do not confuse indifference with lower IQ and tries to change the strategy of training.

The so-called ‘intelligent breeds of cats’

Thanks to the previous list, we can examine the degree of intelligence of our pets, regardless of race. Nevertheless, there are certain breeds of cats that experts judge smarter than the rest, including:

  • Siamese cat
  • Burmese cat
  • El angora
  • the Abyssinian

On many occasions, however, is the type of personality that shows a certain race that leads us to think he has an intellect above the average.

As we have seen, often, the cats turn a deaf ear to what they are told their owners or have a reserved character that can not really discern the thinking of the animal.

The danger of such lists is that they tend to classify it eminently subjective objectively, without taking into account all factors affecting the cognitive development of the animal.

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