5 races of smaller cats

Size may play a pivotal role in households where space is absent; these cats fit and adapt to any corner of a small apartment.

If you want to adopt a pet, but do not have much space at home, the good idea is to choose among the smallest cat in the world. Some breeds are characterized by their small size, even when copies are adults. This article will tell you what they are.

What are the smaller breeds of cats?

Maybe you do not have much space where you live or prefer a pet that is easy to care for. Therefore, we recommend you choose from the following breeds of smaller cats:

1. Singapore

While it was an old breed a few decades ago received the recognition he deserved. It originated in Singapore, where it is very common to see them walking down the street, and became famous after being taken to France and Britain.

It is the world’s smallest, has a round head and short snout, her eyes are brown, and his body is fairly robust and muscular. His coat is short and fine, light-colored, mainly brown.

As for his character, he is an active, playful, and very affectionate. He is known for his gentle temperament, and that adds points to choose it as a pet.

2. Devon rex

This is one of the smaller cats we can find, and that emerged after crossing two common domestic cats in the UK, precisely in the county of Devon. Its main feature is the thick, curly coat, which does not fall too and can be ideal for those allergic. Also, they draw attention to his large ears and piercing eyes oval.

The Devon rex emits a soft, almost imperceptible meow and is a very loving and watchful animal. I definitely want to have it as a pet!

3. Skookum

This cat is originally from the United States and, in addition to its small size, is also known for her curly hair like that of poodle- dogs and their short legs. It emerged after crossing two breeds: LaPerm and Munchkin. Hence it is recognized as a race of ‘experimental cat’ can not participate in certain competitions.

The Skookum can weigh about three kilos when an adult still looks like a puppy, and its name derives from an American tribe, which means sweet, funny, and intelligent … His three main qualities! It is a very affectionate cat and loves to be surrounded by his family. It is ideal for a house or an apartment.

4. Korat

It is an old cat, originating in Thailand, which was recently recognized outside Asia a few decades ago when it began to be exported to Europe or the United States.

The Korat has a compact body, very elegant with long tail and ears. It can weigh between two and four kilos, and his hair is silver-blue. It is quite affectionate with the family but arises with children and strangers.

This breed is very intelligent, prefers quiet environments, loves to browse and play, and can spend hours jumping and running. Meow is particularly melodious, but also use other sounds to express what he wants.

5. Munchkin

The last of the smaller cats of this list came after a natural genetic mutation, and the main feature of the race is that it has shorter legs than any other. However, this does not preclude you walk, jump, or play. The same gene is present in dogs as Basset hound or sausage.

Munchkin is a cat small, weighing about three kilos, its coat is long and silky and can be of different colors and patterns. This is a very active, playful, bold, and curious pet. Perfect for homes with children.

If you want to adopt a little cat, these are the best races. Do not require much care, are loving; they will suit your home and become your best company.

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