5 exotic breeds of cats

Hairless, with ‘aesthetic’ of the big cat, ‘earless,’ or different colored eyes, these kitties draw attention so original they are.

For its particular features, its low distribution globally and, in some cases, it is few years of existence, the exotic cats certainly attract our attention. In this article, we report on some races in this original group.

Exotic breeds of cats

Maybe you are looking for a pet ‘anyone having’ or is very different from what you’re used to. Exotic cats are a great way to enjoy a domestic feline and simultaneously meet your quota of originality. Some of the races are the result of natural mutation, and others are due to human intervention:

1. Sphynx

Also known as ‘Sphinx’ in Spanish, this feline was developed in the late 70s, and its main feature is that no hair. Actually, the coating layer is so thin and short that it seems nonexistent. It is very vulnerable to the sun and cold because it does not have special protection.

In addition, the sphinx has a small head relative to the body and very large and pointed ears. Other own physical characteristics are its large eyes that give it a pretty sharp look.

2. Savannah

If you’ve always wanted a big cat at home, but you realize that this is impossible, then this cat breed is right for you. It is one of the ‘new’ more as it was recognized officially in 2001.

The savannah has emerged as a combination of a common domestic cat and certain breeds of African wild cats. For this reason, its spotted coat can be confused with that of a leopard or an ocelot. In addition, there is a large animal compared to others: You can weigh 15 kilos (normal for a cat is four).

3. Scottish fold

This is one of the most striking exotic cats because it seems that it did not have ears. Actually, if you have them, but they are very small and ‘fall’ in front of the head. It is a race of Scottish origin that emerged from the crossing of a Swedish female and a male shorthair British.

The same genetic mutation that makes it look so strange is also that causes arthritis at an early age, extremely painful disease. Scottish fold seems to bear, has a very pretty face, is friendly and quiet, and gets along very well with children and other animals.

4. Khao manee

It is a breed that comes from Thailand, was already known for hundreds of years. The name of this cat means ‘white gem’ in the local language, but around the world, it is known as ‘cat diamond eyes.’ This is because it presents an iris of each color (blue and green).

In addition, the Khao Manee has a completely white coat, is an athletic and muscular body, and, in their personality, curiosity, intelligence, and communication are its main virtues.

5. LaPerm

Last breeds of exotic cats came ‘by chance’ in the United States in 1982 due to a natural mutation in a single member of a litter. When he was born, the female who gave birth to the LaPerm was equal to his brothers but had very little hair.

When was played for the first time, she gave birth to five males, curly very soft fur, different colors. Its tail is thick and hairier than the rest of the body. As for his temperament, we can say that LaPerm is active, good-natured, and very affectionate.

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