5 breeds of big cats

Among the big cats highlights the fact that some were born of crosses between domestic and wild cats pussycats; If you think about adopting one of them, we must take into account their requirements for space and food.

One of the reasons why many people choose a cat as a pet is its size, which fits into any home. However, there are huge races compared to the rest. In this article, we tell you what the biggest cats are.

What are the biggest cats?

Among the dozens of races that can be found throughout the world, some are characterized by their large size. More giant cats belong to them:

1. Maine Coon

With a weight of 11 kilos and a length of 70 centimeters (adult males), this feline that emerged after crossing domestic and wild cats, the United States draws much attention.

While the Maine Coon is enormous, his temperament is similar to other races, and can even be said to be more friendly and affectionate than the rest. She loves to play and can meow in different shades. As for their fur, the most common is the brown and white tabby, although there are also black, gray, orange, and red.

2. Savannah

This is one of the biggest cats in the world, which is famous for its coat, similar to a leopard. The race came after a cross between a domestic feline and one of the Serval races, wild natives of Africa.

While the savannah can weigh about 11 kilos, appearance appears more streamlined because of the length of its body. Furthermore, it is characterized by good legs and a long tail. One of the curiosities of this race is that his character is very docile and affectionate.

3. Ragdoll

It is not only one of the prettiest to look like a bear, but is also among the biggest cats in the world: an adult male can weigh up to nine kilos and measuring about 90 centimeters. Females do not exceed seven kilos and 60 centimeters.

The ragdoll, which means ‘rag doll’ in English, emerged after crossing several breeds, including Siamese, Persian, and Burmese. It is a tranquil, docile, and intelligent cat. Their fur is mostly white and abundant, and when you relax in your arms while seems to have ‘unarmed,’ hence its name.

4. From Turco

It is a rare breed outside their core area, Lake Van, in Turkey (hence the name). The coat is one of its main features: with several layers to withstand the cold high mountain where he was born. Despite being thick, it is also quite gentle, like the skin of a rabbit.

Cat Turkish Van weighs about seven kilos and up to a meter in length between the nose and the tip of the tail; it is durable and muscular. His neck is short and longer than the front legs. It is quite temperamental, curious, active, and has no problem living with other cats, provided it is the leader. You also need an unconditional dedication, because he does not like being left alone.

5. Forest Norway

With more than the curious name, this is one of the biggest cats in the world: males reach nine kilos of weight. Since it has a lot of hair, it looks even more significant. The coat color can vary but always has some white in its composition.

The Norwegian forest originated in Scandinavia but has become a very common pet in Europe. As for his behavior, this breed is very active outdoors you he loves it climb the trees and quiet indoors; also, it is characterized by being curious, intelligent, and affectionate.

If you want to adopt any of the big cats of this list, we recommend that you consider your requirements for space and food.

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