5 Asian breeds of cats

With really striking aspects, these cats are noted for their agility and behavior as well as by being part of the culture of East countries.

Domestic cats are among the most chosen pet worldwide, although East and Asia have additional symbolism. They are those related to good fortune, prosperity, and money. This article will tell you about some breeds of Asian cats, very revered in their countries.

Asian breeds of cats

There is no doubt that cats are extraordinary beings, and that amazes us every day with his jokes and pranks. In some parts of the world, also they are the revered for his alleged ‘powers.’ Discover some of the Asian cat breeds, the most popular, then:

1. Siamese

To start with, cat breeds asiáticostenemos, a representative of Thailand, the ancient Kingdom of Siam, to be precise. Known for her slender body, her clear coat, and blue eyes, it opens the -photo Siamese this article- is usually quite ‘chatty’ and constantly meowing, especially in the rutting season.

In addition, he is known for his great personality and shows their dissatisfaction with certain situations. The typical curiosity of all felines is higher in this race: he will not leave the uninspected corner. It is quite active, as many Asian and affectionate.

2. Persian

In this case, we moved to present-day Iran, where a really elegant, sophisticated, and a majestic cat was created. It is considered aristocratic, and because of its beauty, its population expanded rapidly from Asia to Europe and America.

The Persian is a cat of medium to the large, round, massive head, flat face, and bulging eyes. Her hair is abundant, long, and silky to the touch; hairy tail is rounded at the tip. There may be of all colors, although in most cases, they are black, brown, or white.

3. Japanese Bobtail

We returned to the east of the continent to find one of the most curious Asian breeds of cats. Its main feature is to have a short tail as if it were a rabbit, which is due to a recessive gene. A native of Japan, the bobtail is very iconic in the tradition of this country; even the amulet Maneki-Neko -cat of luck is based on this race … And also the character Hello Kitty!

Medium-sized, triangular face and pointed ears, this cat has a silky coat, whether long or short. His body is elongated, like many Eastern felines, his nose is long, and her eyes are big. It is a very active, curious, and playful cat; It does not support loneliness.

4. Angora

This is another Asian breeds of cats whose past is quite remote. It hails from the region of Ankara, Turkey, and those with the mixed two different-colored eyes -of are considered pure and traditional.

The angora can have various hair colors: white, brown, black, cream, red, blue, or brindle. As for his temperament, it is quite Meows, an active, curious, agile, and intelligent cat. In addition, it is cuddly but does not like to be held, long in arms.

5. Ceylon

The last Asian cats from this list are originally from Sri Lanka, southeast India, and is a race very widespread in the world. In his native country, it is considered a symbol of good fortune.

It is a small animal that around five kilos of weight and its most important physical characteristics are the ears large and scratched lines on the head and mantle. Regarding his character, it is quite outgoing, gets along well with people and other pets, and adapts to living in the city.

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