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Communication Skills - Top 10 Presentation Skills Delivery Tips

1 Take time to establish your stance before starting - look around and take in the whole audience.
2 Breathe out - in - then speak when you breathe out again - to give yourself enough time at the start.
3 Take time to introduce yourself - start slightly slower than normal and gain eye contact to build rapport immediately with your audience.
4 Maintain energy in your voice by emphasising the ends of sentences.
5 Pause after one topic / issue before you start another, to allow time for the audience to assimilate the information.
6 Move - slightly change position if you find yourself fixed on the spot.
7 Use specific eye contact - approx 3 seconds for individuals in the audience as if you are giving them specific pieces of information.
8 Vary the pitch and volume in your voice to help keep the audience alert.
9 Try to keep at least one hand free to allow for natural gestures.
10 Try to smile - when you smile your voice smiles!

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