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Online Coaching

Yes you can put your feet up and get coaching online!

These days there are many forms of online help available. And if you have a spare phone line - so much the better as you can get tele-coaching as well as online coaching and training.

There are numerous free email coaching classes available as tasters. And many others that you pay by subscription for. That said, as with anything there are many excellent sites out there but there are also some of dubious quality.

At least make sure your chosen training comes with a money back guarantee - so that you can get your money refunded if you are not 100% satisfied. And remember - if you are not happy with what you have received - make sure to claim a refund!

Looking on Google for "online communication skills training courses" results in almost 1.5 million results! You might want to refine the search criteria a bit to find exactly what you are looking for.


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