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Is this for me? Cant I read a book on communication skills and put that into practice?

In most areas of developing communication skills - presenting, public speaking, interpersonal skills, writing etc the interaction to be had by meeting with several other like minded people on a training seminar of workshop can be of immense benefit.

Take a presentation skills seminar for example. You might well end up joining another 6 or 7 people who are also feeling petrified or terrified at the prospect of having to stand up in front of the audience and speak for a couple of minutes. The minute you start to have a chat with these people over coffee you suddenly realise that these guys feel just as I do. "Gee ... I'm not so strange after all."

You will also get the opportunity to help support your fellow seminar attendees on their journey of discovery and in so doing you will not only be building up your confidence you will also be building up some key skills as well.

You will also probably try and stay in touch with some of the new friends you made on the communication skills course - and even better - keep each other encouraged to progress several months or even years after the actual seminar.

So if you can afford the time to attend one of these communication skills seminars or courses you should certainly try to.

And by the way, have you ever bought a new book and then never even got past the first chapter? You can certainly learn quite a lot from a book if you actually read it and digest it but you'll never get as much out of a book as you would from a good training seminar.

OK so how do I find a good training course?

We'd suggest the same way that you've found our website. Same as for finding a coach. Search the web. Remember to be as specific as you can be in your search phrase. If you are looking for communication skills Training in London then dont just search for "communication skills" or "communication skills training" get as detailed as you can and search Google for "communication skills training London"


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