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Our Top 10 tips for Effective Communication Skills

1 Be honest. Dishonesty will show up somewhere along the line.
2 Be interested in the people you are communicating with. Remember people are more attracted to those who are interested in them, and will pay more attention to what they are saying.
3 Be relaxed. Bad body language such as hunched shoulders, fidgeting, toe-tapping or hair-twiddling all give the game away.
4 Listen first. Communication is a two-way process; getting your message across depends on understanding the other person.
5 Smile and use eye contact. It’s the most positive signal you can give.
6 Think before you speak or put pen to paper: what message you trying to convey? What outcome do you want to elicit?
7 Be direct (but not aggressive). A lot of flannelling around can make people lose interest and miss the vital point of your communication with them.
8 Dont use jargon – and the acronyms, and the technical expressions, unless you are sure your listeners understand.
9 Write as you would speak. Don’t fall into the trap of using long words just because it’s written down.
10 Take your time. Whether in spoken communication or on paper, rushing can make you seem nervous, unconfident and downright scared.

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