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One to One Communication Skills Coaching

What is one to one coaching?

This is normally when you meet face to face with a trainer or coach. The training or coaching session would normally be custom made for you personally - probably following an email exchange or telephone discussion (or both). Its because of this one on one time that you can achieve a lot in a relatively short amount of time.

This can be an ideal solution for your communication skills training if you want concentrated personal time from the trainer instead of "sharing" them with a group of other people on a training seminar or course. Alternatively you might not be able to take one or two days off work at a time to attend a course but could spend half a day working on some specific trainnig needs with a coach.

You might be wanting some specific help with a forthcoming speech or business presentation. On the other hand, you might want some personal and of course confidential time reviewing some interpersonal communication issues that you face. Whatever the training need there's probably a coach or trainer not too far away from you who could help.

One thing to bare in mind though is that as this is a one on one session with the trainer it might well cost a bit more than attending a communication skills seminar with another 10 people.

We'd always suggest that you speak to the communication skills trainer ahead of the event. Make sure you dont need to commit any money up front before you get that initial telephone call. Use that call to "sound them out" before you make your final decision. If you like what they say and you feel that the fee they are quoting is reasonable then go ahead and make the booking. If you dont feel this way, then walk away and continue looking until you are comfortable with your chosen trainer or coach.

OK so how do I find a communication coach?

We'd suggest the same way that you've found our website. Search the web. Google is probably the best at this. Remember to be as specific as you can be in your search phrase. If you are looking for communication skills coachign in Manchester then dont just search for "communication skills" or "communication skills coaching" get as detailed as you can and search Google for "communication skills coaching Manchester"

Watch this space for more communication skills information appearing soon.

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