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Recommended Reading to Improve Your Communication Skills

Vocal Technique, Elocution, Spoken Communication Skills

The Right to Speak: Working with the Voice - Patsy Rodenburg

This theoretical and practical workbook on how to use the voice is not just a specialist book for actors and singers, but for anyone engaged in public speaking or wishing to enhance their spoken communication skills. The author argues that, for everyone, the voice is the carrier of personality. Rodenburg has worked with the RSC and Cheek by Jowl.

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Interpersonal Communication Skills


Interpersonal Skills at Work - John Hayes

In this age of e-business, many of us over-rely on electronic communication and pay insufficient attention to the management of face-to-face relationships. John Hayes addresses this issue by examining the nature of interpersonal communication skills - the goal-directed behaviours that we use in face-to-face interactions in order to achieve desired outcomes. He argues that interpersonal competence is a key factor that distinguishes between successful and unsuccessful managers. "Interpersonal Skills at Work" provides a clearly structured and comprehensive overview of the interpersonal skills that are essential for effective functioning at work. It presents a micro-skills approach to skill development that can be used to improve interpersonal competence, as well as explaining through the use of illustrations and practical examples how to read the actual or potential behaviour of others around us. This knowledge can then be used to guide the way in which we relate to others as we learn to manage our relationships more effectively. This book might be useful for practising managers and students of business and management studies and psychology. The skills it promotes might also prove of value to a wide range of people including teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers and police officers.

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Presentation Skills


Effective Presentation - Ros Jay, Anthony Jay

Does standing up in front of a room full of people to do a presentation fill you with terror? According to Microsoft, 30 million Powerpoint presentations take place every day, yet giving a successful presentation isn't always something that comes naturally to everyone. And fairly or not, your performance as a speaker can often be used to make judgements on your overall ability to do your job.
So how can you improve your performance and your business communication skills? Effective Presentation is a practical step-by-step guide to help you improve on every aspect of making presentations. It helps you clarify what you want to say, what order to say it in and what words to say it with. There are great tips on visual aids, and the authors show you how to plan your presentation from thinking through the concept, to how to stage it and project to an audience.

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